Career Guidance & Placement Cell

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

The career guidance in our college functions under the direct control and directions of the principal to guide the students on career development, growth and opportunities.

The objectives of the cell are to identify the talent available among the students of the college and offer guidance to choose a bright and right career.

The activities of the cell include collecting the data base of the students and encourage the students to plan their future.

Above all, the main functions of cell are to invite reputed companies to the campus to conduct campus interviews and find suitable jobs for the skill available among the students.

Many companies, organizations visited our college and offered their services and training methodology so as to improve and gear up the students of our institution.

Prominent among them were:

1. Jet king, Bangalore

2. Infosys, Bangalore

3. HP , Bangalore

4. IBM, Bangalore

5. Glopore , Bangalore

6. Oracle , Bangalore

7. IGSS, Bangalore

8. Ven – Gree, Bangalore

9. Kayaka , Bangalore

10. Met Life , Bangalore

11. BEGL , Bangalore

12. Infinitude Global Service , Bangalore

13. Disciples India Education , Bangalore

The placement cell also intends to invite Recruiting agencies, HR personnel, Institutional Experts and support from Alumni.

Placement Officer

Swetha G.R

E mail –

Mobile No. 9743094767

Career guidance and placement cell in institution function under the direct control and direction of the principal, Swetha G.R. M.Com has been appointed by the institution together with other heads of department they work together to guide students on various career opportunities.

The career guidance cell organizes seminars and meetings to encourage the students who are in final year and also facilitates the economically weaker section of the student of undergraduate and post graduate courses to find suitable jobs to supplement the family income without affecting their academic.

Cell include collecting data base of the students and compiling them for use when needed.

Committee members

1. Sri B.N Dase Gowda

2. Sheela B.S

3. Swetha G.R

4. Sowmya B.R

5. Pooja H. A

6. Soundarya B

7. Preethi R

8. Deepa A.R

9. Mamatha C