RPES Lower & Higher Primary School

RPES Lower & Higher Primary School

The Rajajinagar Parents' Education Society is a registered organization running educational institutions for boys and girls from nursery to college level.

The Society owes its origin to a group of dedicated and honest stewards who felt the need for meaningful education blending both the best of formal education and Indian culture. Their hard work, zeal and devoted services for the Nobel cause of education, have brought out this institution.

The Society had its humble beginning in 1969 with 50 children in a rented building. Now the group of R.P.E.S. Schools has over 2000 Children housed in the complex of its own.

Aim of the School

The aim of the school is to provide education with special emphasis on all-round development of students along with discipline and leadership. Care is taken to see that children develop patriotism, courage and leadership qualities and are trained to face the practical life in the world with confidence.